More pics from the cafe (even though they’re mostly the same angles) since I have now finished the exterior and moved it from the test hood to the main one. 

Replies! <3

I finally opened my game! 

Gah, I feel SUPER rusty. D: Anyway, I worked on the interior of this cafe I made forever ago. I’m not sure what look I was originally going for, but I like what it turned into. 

(Also, those ceiling beams look nice in the screenshots but I’m definitely going to have to delete them before actually playing…)

A message from Anonymous

wcif the little desk in post/95204540979? i've been seeing it everywhere but i can't find it


It’s by the lovely veranka and can be found HERE. :)

A message from Anonymous

hi. wcif the shower/tub combo, shower curtain recolor, and cabinet behind toliet in the tiny caliente bathroom? thank you!



The shower/tub combo (and shower curtain recolor) are by Phaenoh HERE, and the space saver is from HERE. :)

A message from Anonymous

Hello!! Do you know WCIF the crib/recolors in this post: /post/90641256660 ? Thanks so much and have a fantastic day!

Hi anon!


The crib and bedding are both part of the Broyhill Nursery conversion by Moxxa - get it HERE. :) 

(Small infant not included.)

I’m back in New York, everyone! 

I had an absolutely INCREDIBLE time in Europe. We spent two days in Dublin, five days in Galway, and five days in London (our stay in London also involved a day trip to Paris :D). We did a bunch of tours and tried to cram in as much sightseeing as possible (and of course, we spent all of our nights in Ireland at various trad music pubs <3). As the photos above indicate, we had nearly perfect weather the entire two weeks we were there - no rain whatsoever until the day before our flight home, and even then it was an overnight thunderstorm. :)

All of the photos above are from the Galway leg of our trip (brief captions, if you’re interested). I haven’t even sifted through the pictures from London and Paris yet. D: Maybe I’ll share some more eventually!

Anywho, I miss you all SO MUCH. I’ve been super busy getting back into the swing of things, but as soon as life calms down a bit, I’m itching to get some play time in! Also, I have a couple WCIFs that still need answering - so sorry to everyone who has left me a message! I’ll try to answer those as promptly as possible. :)

Hope you’ve all been well! <3

Hey everyone!

I know I’ve been terribly inactive as of late - my apologies! I recently reconnected with some old friends from high school and we’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out, going hiking, playing (multiplayer :P) games, etc. It’s not that I don’t want to play the Sims anymore - I do! It’s just been refreshing to be around people a lot lately and get out of my house, which is something I haven’t really been doing the last few months.

My string of inactivity will continue for at least another two weeks because tonight I’m flying to Europe!! I’ll be spending time in Dublin, Galway, London, and a day in Paris. It’s my first time leaving America and I’m SO EXCITED. :D

I was hoping to have something more to post for you all before I left, but I wasn’t able to get around to it. I don’t like to use the word “hiatus” because I’m not taking a purposeful leave, I’m just not very active at the moment. So, until I return, I hope you all take care! :)


WIP part 2: Geraldine’s house

A message from Anonymous

m0xxa, pistxl-sims, simper-fi, mechbutterfly, jodeliejodelie and amonsimmies are some of the best sims 2 decorators to pop up on my dash! i wish i could just hop into their games and live in each of their houses!


Lots of love here!

This is for you m0xxa, pistxl-sims, simper-fi, @mechbutterfly, jodeliejodelie and amonsimmies, have an amazing day!

Awwwww, anon! This has been the cherry on top of an already awesome weekend! I feel so honored to be mentioned among such fantastic decorators. :’) Thank you so much!!!