Hey everyone!

I know I’ve been terribly inactive as of late - my apologies! I recently reconnected with some old friends from high school and we’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out, going hiking, playing (multiplayer :P) games, etc. It’s not that I don’t want to play the Sims anymore - I do! It’s just been refreshing to be around people a lot lately and get out of my house, which is something I haven’t really been doing the last few months.

My string of inactivity will continue for at least another two weeks because tonight I’m flying to Europe!! I’ll be spending time in Dublin, Galway, London, and a day in Paris. It’s my first time leaving America and I’m SO EXCITED. :D

I was hoping to have something more to post for you all before I left, but I wasn’t able to get around to it. I don’t like to use the word “hiatus” because I’m not taking a purposeful leave, I’m just not very active at the moment. So, until I return, I hope you all take care! :)


WIP part 2: Geraldine’s house

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m0xxa, pistxl-sims, simper-fi, mechbutterfly, jodeliejodelie and amonsimmies are some of the best sims 2 decorators to pop up on my dash! i wish i could just hop into their games and live in each of their houses!


Lots of love here!

This is for you m0xxa, pistxl-sims, simper-fi, @mechbutterfly, jodeliejodelie and amonsimmies, have an amazing day!

Awwwww, anon! This has been the cherry on top of an already awesome weekend! I feel so honored to be mentioned among such fantastic decorators. :’) Thank you so much!!!

To anyone who sent me a WCIF over the past few days, I’m not ignoring you! I’ve been working/chillin’ and haven’t been on my computer at all - I’ll get back to you soon! :)

and today I’m seeing Arcade Fire ahhhhhhhhhh

Major WIP but LOOK! I used the lovely tutorial by shastakiss to make a cute little deck for (my attempt at) an eco-friendly cafe! <3 

Anyone who knows me knows that my love of building coffee shops is surpassed only by my love of frequenting them. :3

sajlica replied to your photo“Extra shot of the living area. I added (yet another) console table and…”
can you please tell me wcif those round wall lights? I’m searching for them everywhere!

Sure! They’re by Shoukeir, you can find them HERE. :)


Extra shot of the living area. I added (yet another) console table and a little computer desk.

Extra shot of the living area. I added (yet another) console table and a little computer desk.

The Calientes’ teeny upstairs bathroom. There is a sink in there somewhere, but it’s terribly unexciting and in such an awkward corner I didn’t even bother to screenshot it. :) 

Maybe it’s because I have the fashion sense of an old lady, but I’m going through my CAS stuff and doing default replacements and I have to say, I think a lot of the EF Maxis defaults are pretty nice. Like I would totally wear this outfit